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Planted owner writes memoir, Not In The Script.

Planted owner writes memoir, Not In The Script, now available on Amazon for $13.50. Learn more here and below.

About the book:

Elizabeth Green has spent her life in the shadow of her famous brother, the controversial British billionaire Sir Philip Green. Most of what she knew of him she read in the columns of the Daily Mail; not just his business empire but the parties, the gatherings and dinners to which she was never invited. A guest summed it up at his wedding when she said: ‘I’ve known Philip for 25 years but never knew he had a sister.’ But Not In The Script is about more than just family relationships. It’s a story of a woman’s insatiable search for love, one that took her to all the wrong places – and involved all the wrong men; from divorce in the north London suburbs to the ashrams of India and, eventually, the excitement of Manhattan’s restaurant scene. Along the way, she did fall over and over, but the men? Well, they didn’t quite get there. Sound familiar? Above all Elizabeth was not a quitter, she found love where she least expected it - inside herself. Read her memoir, laugh and get inspired to NEVER, EVER give up.